RMSK Preparatory Course

RMSK Preparatory Course


The RMSK (Registered in Musculoskeletal) Certification raises the standard of musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging worldwide. It is granted by the APCA USA and is accredited by ANSI under ISO standards. This certification assesses your knowledge and abilities in musculoskeletal and soft tissue sonography, including anatomy, pathology, interventions, physics, instrumentation, and data integration. Certification status is verifiable. Exam answers are converted into a scaled score ranging from 300 to 700, with a minimum score of 555 required to pass. For more details regarding the examination process, you can visit their official site.

Please note: Joining our preparatory course does not guarantee that you will be awarded a certification. However, it will assist you in preparing for the exam.

Course Eligibility:

Healthcare professionals: Anaesthesiologist, PMR, Rheumatologist, Orthopaedic, Pain Medicine/Management/Specialist who has been practicing musculoskeletal ultrasound for a minimum of 2 years.

Name of the Course Director:

Dr. Kanchan Sharma MBBS, MD, POCUS(MSK), RMSK, Ph.D.(3rd year)

Course Structure

  • Mode of Delivery: Offline
  • Date of the Event: 25th,26th,27th,28th and 29th September 2024
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Time: 9:00AM to 5:00PM(Indian Standard Time)


  • Day 1: Basics of USG Physics and Instrumentation, Subcutaneous Tissue, Muscle and Tendon, Nerve and Blood Vessel, Bone and Joints
  • Day 2: Shoulder Joint and Elbow Joint
  • Day 3: Wrist Joint and Hand
  • Day 4: Hip Joint and Knee Joint
  • Day 5: Ankle Joint and Foot

Registration Fees

  • Indians: 30000 INR+ 18% GST
  • International: 900 USD

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • Before 30 Days: 25% of the registration amount plus GST of the amount paid will be forfeited as a cancellation.
  • Before 15 Days: 50% of the registration amount plus GST of the amount paid will be forfeited as a cancellation.
  • Before 7-14 Days: the full amount will be forfeited.